Amazfit Bip U teaser suggests it’s a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch SE

Amazfit Bip U
(Image credit: Amazfit)

The Apple Watch SE is positioned as a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch 6, but compared to a lot of wearables it’s still expensive, and a teaser for the upcoming Amazfit Bip U suggests it could be a genuinely cheap alternative.

Well, we say teaser, but the wearable actually has a detailed listing page up on Amazon India that’s basically only missing a price and release date – though the site does say the Amazfit Bip U is coming soon.

It has a 1.43-inch 320 x 302 square screen that gives it a vaguely Apple Watch-like appearance, along with heart rate tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, over 60 sport modes, sleep tracking, 50 meter water resistance, and apparently around 9 days of life from its 225mAh battery.

Amazfit Bip U

(Image credit: Amazfit)

Other features include a stress monitor, a lightweight 31g build, 50 watch faces to choose from, and the ability to get a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score, based on your heart rate data, age, fitness level, and other factors.

While there’s no price listed we’d expect the Amazfit Bip U to be cheap, both because of the brand it belongs to and because it has a TFT screen and a plastic body. Indeed, this looks like a successor to the Amazfit Bip S, which launched for $69.90 (around £55, AU$100), so the Bip U really might not cost much at all.

Of course, that’s if you can buy it – currently it’s only listed on Amazon India, so we can’t be sure what other countries it will land in, but hopefully we’ll have answers to the important where, when, and how much questions before long.

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