AirPods deals: the latest Apple sale from Amazon UK can save you up to £40

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AiPods deals and AirPods Pro deals are dropping right now in the UK, showcasing some of the cheapest prices we've seen for months, thanks to the latest Apple sale from Amazon and Laptops Direct.

Just back in stock at Amazon is this cheap AirPods deal on the second-generation AirPods with a wireless charging case for just £158.99 (was £199 - a total saving of £40. This Apple sale has been out of stock for weeks, so if you've been waiting for some cheap AirPods then it's definitely time to pull the trigger.

If you're only looking for the best of the best then you're also in luck with this AirPods Pro deal for just £219 (was £299) at Laptops Direct, you'll be saving a massive £80 off retail price. Not only is this the cheapest UK AirPods Pro deal we've seen this year but Laptops Direct is also offering free delivery by Friday.

These brand new 2019 AirPods were both released last year and quickly became the bestselling premium earbuds on the market. Both variants share the same hallmarks, namely seamless iOS integration and device pairing, innovative tap gesture controls, and a balanced sound profile. If you've already got an iOS device in your pocket, then quite simply, you're onto a winner with these. Note - if you're looking for noise cancellation specifically, then that's offered on the AirPods Pro only, as is a water-proof build and adjustable silicone earbuds. 

Outside the UK? We've included the best Apple Airpods deals in your region just below.

The best AirPods deals and AirPods Pro deals in the UK

Apple AirPods Pro | £299 £219 at Laptops Direct
Save £80

Apple AirPods Pro | £299 £219 at Laptops Direct
Save £80
on a cheap AirPods Pro deal at Laptops Direct this week. This is the cheapest price by far in the UK currently, and if you order today you'll get free delivery by Friday. If you're looking for noise cancellation features, silicone earbuds, and a water-resistant build, then these are the AirPods for you.

Apple AirPods (2019) with wireless charging case | £199£158.99 at Amazon UK

Apple AirPods (2019) with wireless charging case | £199 £158.99 at Amazon UK
Just back in stock and with a tidy £40 off to boot are these second-generation AirPods complete with wireless charging case. With this upgraded case, you'll be able to charge wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging mat as well as getting all those AirPods hallmarks - namely, perfect device syncing and decent sound.

Apple AirPods (2019) with charging case |£159£129 at Amazon UK

Apple AirPods (2019) with charging case | £159 £129 at Amazon UK
Even cheaper still are these fantastic non-wireless charger second-generation AirPods, also on sale this week at Amazon. If you can forgo that wireless charging functionality, these are good pickup with good audio quality, super-speedy charging, and seamless iOS integration.

  • Amazon - Apple Airpods deals at their lowest ever price this week
  • Apple UK - Free engravings on all Apple Airpods deals
  • John Lewis - 2-year guarantees on all Apple Airpod deals
  • Currys - Free delivery on all Apple Airpod deals

AirPods deals: which AirPods are right for you?

If you're just looking for some great wireless earbuds that will pair nicely with iOS devices and work right out of the box, then we recommend the standard AirPods for most casual users. They've still got a great comfortable fit for most people, and overall have a nice, balanced sound profile that's generally suited to a wide pallet of genres. The wireless charging case is a good pick up also if you have a Qi-compatible charging mat - a fairly inexpensive and handy thing to have since most modern phones now support it also.

The main selling point of the AirPods Pro is the noise cancellation features, which may be a big thing for you if you're facing a noisy commute or working situation for example. They're also waterproof and have upgraded silicone earbuds, which are more customisable and therefore may suit a wider range of users than the molded plastic buds of the standard line. Outside of these key upgrades, you're getting around the same battery life at around 4.5 hours per charge, so if you can do without these premium features, you may be better off with the standard AirPods.

Our Apple AirPods deals page is another fantastic resource for tracking down the best deals on Apple's premium earbuds, especially if you're visiting in from the US.

If you'd like something a little cheaper then we also recommend heading over to our Beats headphone deals page, where we're looking at Apple's other excellent headphones range. 

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