6 top tips for filing your taxes online

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The calendar says April, and that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is the realization you still haven’t filed your 2016 taxes yet. Thankfully, this year’s Easter holiday provides a three-day buffer from the usual April 15 deadline, which means last year’s filings don’t have to be postmarked until April 18. 

Take advantage of the breathing room and face the challenge head-on by skipping a trip to the accountant’s office— stay home and curl up with our list of six awesome tips for filing taxes online instead.

 Tip # 1: Don’t panic, log on

Our first tip is, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, then point your web browser in the direction of H&R Block Online, who have generously provided all the tools first-time customers need to prepare and file both federal and state taxes. You won’t even have to scrounge for a coupon code, because  you can file your federal return for free.   

H&R Block Online consolidates 60 years of expert tax experience with the knowledge to help reduce this complicated chore in as little effort possible. You’re probably already familiar with H&R Block’s retail chain, but the company offers the same great service online, guiding you every step of the way.   

Tip #2: Save time by filing your taxes faster  

Once you’ve gathered your W-2 and any other required forms, H&R Block’s online filing saves taxpayers time with the ability to drag and drop last year’s return for quickly importing key information. This is especially convenient when switching from a rival service, so you’ll be typing less and filing  quickly.   

The rest of the process is equally simple, thanks to an easy question-and-answer approach so you’ll never be in the dark about taking the next step. All of this equates to less time spent preparing.  

Tip #3: Prepare your taxes while you’re on the go  

For mobile device owners, getting started is a snap — literally! The new W-2 Snap-a-pic feature on the H&R Block Tax Prep and File app allows smartphone and tablet owners to take a picture of W-2 forms and upload them from anywhere there’s an internet connection, significantly reducing the number of documents — and headaches — traditionally required.   

Best of all, your taxes go wherever life takes you. The mobile app can be used from start to finish — including to track your refund — or you can hop over to your computer and pick up where you left off from your favorite web browser. Everything is securely saved, offering the freedom to start and stop whenever you’d like.  

Tip #4: Know what you’ll be paying before you file  

One of the many tools available to H&R Block Online customers is the Tax Calculator, which helps taxpayers receive every dollar they’re entitled to. You’ll never be in the dark on where you stand — you can quickly estimate the amount of your refund, or help cushion the blow by determining how much you’ll wind up owing at any point.  

Tip #5: Use the right tax prep solution - one that fits your financial scenario   

While the Free Online Edition is suitable for most taxpayers, homeowners and those with more extensive deductions always have the option to upgrade at any time to H&R Block Online Deluxe, a full-featured paid version of the service.   

There’s even a Premium Online upgrade available specifically tailored to small business owners, investors, and others with more complicated financial scenarios, such as independent contractors with a stack of 1099 forms.  

Tip #6: Sit back and relax  

If you’re expecting a refund, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and wait for your refund to arrive. Thanks to H&R Block’s Tax Refund Status, you can now figure out when you can expect to see your refund and also check income tax refund status updates as it changes.  

H&R Block will get your taxes won  

There are many ways to complete your tax return, but H&R Block Online eliminates some of the inconvenience and expense allowing do-it-yourselfers to get the most money back in the shortest amount of time. And that’s the difference between getting your taxes done, and getting your taxes won.