2018 iPhones may come with faster wireless charging

Last year's iPhone range - the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X - all sported wireless charging for the first time in the company's phone-making history. That said, the speeds offered aren't as fast as wireless charging on other top-end phones, but that may change for the upcoming iPhones.

Apple's latest devices launched ready to support 5W chargers and a software update made the phones able to support 7.5W options. But Samsung's wireless charging compatible devices support 15W, which means each of those products can charge up faster.

However, a new rumor from supply chain sources speaking with China Times suggests Apple is set to use a copper coil inside at least one of its upcoming iPhone models to get similar levels of fast-charging wireless tech.

Small upgrade

Exactly how fast is unclear at the moment, but Apple's upcoming AirPower charger - the one you can see in the picture at the top of this article - is said to support up to 29W so that it can charge three devices all at once.

The rumored copper coils are thicker than the tech Apple currently uses, but it's not a dramatic difference so it shouldn't make the phone much thicker and it should allow for the devices to charge faster, cooler and more efficiently.

Whether the entire iPhone range will be getting the new tech is currently unclear. If this rumor is true it's likely that the device currently rumored to be called the iPhone 11 will get the tech at the very least though.

We should learn all soon as we've now heard a leak saying the pre-order date for the next range of iPhones could be set for September 14 and that could mean we see them announced a few days before that.

Via Phone Arena

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