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SecuriData PC and Laptop review

An online backup option for businesses

Our Verdict

It doesn't come cheap but it delivers the kind of security most rivals simply don't offer


  • Can restore individual mails

    Safe as houses


  • Appears expensive

On the face of it, SecuriData is poor value compared with other offerings but, if you're trusting your business to online backup, it has advantages.

For safety and security, there's a more stringent back-up program, based on a sizeable 85MB download - most others are about 2MB - and backups stored on the company's servers are automatically monitored for integrity. You can be notified if any of your files are corrupted.

Business advantages include the ability to restore individual emails, rather than having to restore your whole (and normally very large) Outlook PST file, and SecuriData also offers a Local Storage option for a one-off fee of £45.

This allows automatic backup of your data to a local hard drive while you're backing it up online, giving true belt-and-braces safety, plus the ability to restore large files quickly. The company also offers larger Microsoft Small Biz Server and Dispersed LAN back-up solutions as well.