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Corsair Dominator XMS2 8888

Prepare to be dominated...

We love it... but we can't afford it

Our Verdict

If you can justify spending this kind of money, you won't be disappointed


  • Excellent performance


  • Extremely expensive

Much has been written about Corsair's Dominator memory. These chips have been handtested to the lowest latencies and highest voltages around. To round it off, the casing design draws heat from the centre of the PCB as well as the surface of the chips themselves.

An optional fan also attaches to the top of the module for extra heat dissipation, so it'll come as no surprise to learn that the Dominator had no issues with our overclocking test either.

Our only concern was the slightly sluggish WMV encode test, otherwise it's clear to see why so many system builders are using this in their games rigs now.

For the average gamer, though, there is one drawback to the Dominator series - the price tag. It's damned clever, covetable stuff, but it isn't £200 better than Kingston's Hiper-X range.