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Indafa Key-Pad Office box review

Treat your screen to a deep clean

Key-Pad Office box
Keep your screen free of annoying finderprints with this handy cleaning kit

Our Verdict

A quality screen and keyboard cleaner, and a very handy kit to have around


  • Non smearing
  • Good double sided sponge


  • Expensive

If your screen is marred by greasy fingermarks or your keyboard is covered in crumbs and grime, you'll need a cleaning kit.

For a tenner, Kay-Pad's Officebox offers a 50ml bottle of spray-on cleaning fluid and a handy sponge to wipe it off, replete with a screen-friendly 'micro-fibre cloth' on one side and soft spongy ridges to get in between the keys on the other.

It isn't the cheapest solution, but the quality is high. It does a great job of cleaning your kit without smearing.

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