How to clean a Dyson filter

How to clean a Dyson filter
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Dyson vacuums are normally high on the list of the best vacuum cleaners around because of their powerful suction and flexible maneuverability.

We’ll be telling you how to clean a Dyson filter in just a minute, but why is maintaining your vacuum cleaner so important? As with most things, you’ll want to get the best from your appliances, you paid a lot for them after all, so while cleaning your vacuum can be time-consuming, it’s well worth it for maintaining the performance of your cleaner. 

You should empty the dust cup on a Dyson cleaner each time you use the machine or more if the dust has reached the maximum fill line. Letting the dust pile higher than that line can result in decreased performance from the vacuum. It’s recommended that you clean the filters on your Dyson every month to keep them in the best condition.

We’ve compiled tips for cleaning a Dyson filter below, focusing on Dyson’s cordless models and specific advice from

How to clean a Dyson filter  

Dyson recommends washing the filter on your vacuum once a month to ensure optimum performance. Here’s how to clean a Dyson filter. 

First of all, remove the filter from your vacuum cleaner - this is located at the very top of the machine and comes off with a twist motion. Once you’ve removed the filter, hold it in one hand by the larger plastic end and gently tap it against a rubbish bin so that any excess dirt can fall off. 

Keep the larger end of the filter in your hand and run warm water into the other end before gently using your hand to rub the filter and clean it - don’t be tempted to add any cleaning solution or detergent. 

Next, fill the filter up with water again and place one hand over the end of it so that the water can’t escape. Tip the filter horizontally and shake it so that the trapped water can wash around the filter and remove any loose dust before emptying out the water and shaking the filter upside down and upwards until no more water drips out of it.

Now you simply need to let the filter dry out in a warm place and it needs to be fully dry before refitting in the machine otherwise it could damage the vacuum. Placing the filter in a tumble dryer will damage it so leave it to dry naturally. 

How to clean a Dyson filter

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How to clean a Dyson dust cup 

The process of emptying a Dyson dust cup has been designed to reduce the amount of dirt that goes everywhere. To help with this, Dyson cordless vacuums have a lever that forces the dust out of the bin in a quick movement and the best way to keep this process as clean as possible is to wrap a garbage bag around the bin opening as you empty it. 

Once the dust cup is empty, you can remove it from the machine by pressing the red button on the bin’s runner. Dyson recommends only using a damp cloth to wipe out the dust cup and detergents shouldn’t be used here. Once you’ve wiped the inside of the dust cup, simply let it dry and then click it back into place.

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