Looking for a Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deal? Shop these dupes instead and save big

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Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deals are few and far between. And when you do find one, it's gone in a heartbeat - case in point: the Dyson Airwrap deal we found last week. That's why many are going for Dyson Airwrap dupes instead; most of them are much cheaper, and they are just as easy to use and produce just as good results.

Now that we're days away from the official date, Black Friday deals on those dupes have started popping out, including discounts on the top-selling ones, such as the Revlon One-Step Volumizer and the Shark FlexStyle. 

The former, which is a fantastic budget option, is now $29.99 at Amazon, while the latter, the closest to a Dyson Airwrap you'll find, is now only $239.99 at Amazon. And if none of those is appealing to you, we found more dupes on sale for Black Friday.

So forget about scouring the internet for Black Friday Dyson Airwrap deals, and take a look instead at the best Black Friday Dyson Airwrap dupe deals we found below.

Black Friday deals - Dyson Airwrap dupes

REVLON One-Step Volumizer: was

REVLON One-Step Volumizer: was $39.87 now $29.99 at Amazon
We love a good hair-drying brush as it makes drying and styling your hair that much easier. While there are many options out there, this is a crowd-favorite Dyson Airwrap dupe for its performance and low, low price. And this 25% off Black Friday deal makes it even cheaper.

Shark HD331 SpeedStyle: was

Shark HD331 SpeedStyle: was $237.97 now $179.99 at Amazon
Shark has two great Dyson Airwrap dupes, with the SpeedStyle being the cheapest of the two. With its RapidGloss Finisher attachment, it delivers a high gloss finish that rivals Airwrap results. Plus, it costs much less, especially with this 24% off Black Friday deal that knocks it down to a record-low price.

Shark HD435 FlexStyle: was

Shark HD435 FlexStyle: was $299.99 now $239.99 at Amazon
This is the closest Dyson Airwrap dupe out there, as this air styling system comes with auto-wrap curl wands, oval brush, and blow dryer attachments. It is a little on the pricey side, but our Shark FlexStyle review found that it dries with ease and its rotating barrel a joy of engineering. It's also a lot less pricier than the Airwrap. This Black Friday deal knocks $60 off its price as well, so you can have it for cheaper.

L'ANGE HAIR Le Volume: was

L'ANGE HAIR Le Volume: was $119 now $53.40 at Amazon
This hair styling brush is TikTok-famous, and for good reason. It's easy to use and produces smooth and sleek results. For Black Friday, this Dyson Airwrap dupe is a whopping 55% cheaper, making it a fantastic option if you just can't find a good Dyson Airwrap Black Friday deal.

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