Samsung Galaxy Ring sizes confirmed – and battery life varies depending on which one you pick

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Samsung's smart ring has finally been given a full launch and you can read our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Ring review for an in-depth tour. But one smaller detail has now emerged alongside the pricing – the Galaxy Ring's battery life varies depending on which size you choose.

The Galaxy Ring's sizes are based on US standard sizes, with nine different options from US size 5 to size 13. However, Samsung says that the availability of the Ring's size and colors will vary by region.  

How will you know which size to choose? You'll get the option of receiving a free Sizing Kit (see further down this page) when you order, if you choose the "I don't know my size" option. Naturally, these are just dummy Galaxy Rings and are simply for helping you choose the right one – Samsung says you should wear these size guides for 24 hours to see which is the right fit.

As the rumors predicted, the Galaxy Ring's weight and battery life will vary depending on which size you go for. The two largest sizes (12 and 13) have a different battery cell, which means they'll last up to seven days on a single charge. All of the sizes below these have a battery life that's rated for "up to six days".

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Row 0 - Cell 0 WeightBattery life
Size 52.3gUp to six days
Size 62.4gUp to six days
Size 72.4gUp to six days
Size 82.6gUp to six days
Size 92.7gUp to six days
Size 102.8gUp to six days
Size 113.0gUp to six days
Size 123.0gUp to seven days
Size 133.0gUp to seven days

Interestingly, the size of the Galaxy Ring's charging case will also vary slightly depending on the size of the ring you choose. You get one charging case and a USB cable with the smart ring, with a wireless charger sold separately.

Choose carefully

Galaxy Ring: How to find your size with Sizing Kit | Samsung - YouTube Galaxy Ring: How to find your size with Sizing Kit | Samsung - YouTube
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While the Samsung Galaxy Ring is available in standard US sizes, Samsung does warn you that your size may vary from traditional, non-smart rings – and that's due to the sensors on the inside.

The ring can be worn on any finger, but the sensors have to be facing upwards, with the indicator on the palm side. The reason why Samsung recommends wearing the dummy ring for 24 hours is because finger size can vary depending on the time of day – so you need to make sure it won't be too tight at night, for example.

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Once you've decided on size, you can choose from three Galaxy Ring colors; it comes in Black, Titanium Gold, and Titanium Silver. All of them are made from scratch-resistant titanium and the design smartly has raised edges, to make sure it doesn't easily get scratched.

Pricing also naturally doesn't vary by the size of ring you choose – it costs $399 / £399 (or around AU$750, Australia prices are to be confirmed), which is a bit more than the Oura Ring, although Samsung's ring doesn't require a subscription.

We're looking forward to living with the Samsung smart ring for an extended period, but until then you can read our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Ring review.

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