Flip, Fold, Watch, Buds: 6 things we expect to see at Samsung Unpacked this week

An image from a trailer for Galaxy Unpacked 2022
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The next Samsung Galaxy product launch is just a few days away; Samsung Unpacked takes place on August 10 and it's when we're expecting to find out about all of the company's upcoming devices.

We're not talking about the Samsung Galaxy S23; no, Samsung usually saves its big flagship products for a launch at the beginning of the year, and we saw the S22 much earlier in 2022.

So what will we see at the event? Well, we've got a fairly good idea, thanks to Samsung itself teasing certain products, and letting you put in pre-reservations on others. So let's run through the different announcements we're expecting to give you a good idea.

On August 10, TechRadar will be covering all the different announcements during the event, so make sure to check back then - we'll be live blogging the whole affair too if you want minute-by-minute coverage.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the most likely gadget we're expecting to arrive on August 10, mainly because a side-on view of it was shown in the teaser for Samsung Unpacked.

This will be a clamshell-style foldable phone, following on from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from last year.

Leaks suggest this could be quite a powerful little phone, though with weaker cameras than other top-end Samsung phones, and fans are hoping that it'll be cheaper than the last model too. It seems to be the focus of the event, given that it was featured in the teaser.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

The supercharged phone that will likely show up alongside the Flip is the Fold - namely the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

This will likely be a book-style foldable phone, which expands from a standard mobile into a tablet-style device - that's what the case was for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and there's no reason to believe Samsung has changed anything.

As with the Flip, it sounds like upgrades to this phone are mostly iterative, with a newer chipset and perhaps some upgraded cameras. Some people think that the phone will have greater integration with Samsung's S Pen stylus, perhaps having a slot for it to be stored in the body, but we'll have to wait and see.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is, as the name suggests, the successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 - Samsung has let people put money down to pre-reserve a new premium smartwatch, so it seems likely that it's coming.

Leaks don't make this upcoming Apple Watch rival sound too different from its predecessor, as we haven't heard about many design changes or new features, with the highlight so far being talk of a bigger battery. 

That doesn't necessarily mean that nothing else new is coming, just that nothing major has leaked so far. So this is the biggest question mark for Samsung Unpacked.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Image credit: Future / Srivatsa Ramesh)

While we saw the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic come alongside the Watch 4, complete with a more premium design and a rotating bezel, rumors point towards the Watch 5 getting something different.

Leaks suggest that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is coming, as a more premium version of the Watch 5... but we're not exactly sure what will be 'Pro' about it.

So far it sounds like this won't have a rotating bezel, like the Classic. Instead, we've heard that it'll simply have a more premium build material, and a bigger battery, but that's it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Well Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro isn't exactly a catchy name, but that's what people think Samsung's new earbuds will be called.

These are expected to be AirPod-rivaling true wireless earbuds with a rather high price - like the foldable phones and watches, you can place a pre-reservation for unknown upcoming Samsung headphones, which - coupled with there being rumors about these - is why we're expecting them to launch.

However beyond that, we don't know much - leakers have been quiet on the topic, other than suggesting that the Buds 2 Pro could show up before Unpacked itself.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (Image credit: Future)

One UI

One UI is Samsung's Android 'fork' - most tech companies take Android and make their own spin on it, to add new features and change the way it looks. One UI is Samsung's version.

We're expecting to hear about the newest version of One UI soon, built on the latest version of Google's operating system which is Android 13. Android 13 brings improved Nearby Share and a change to the Google Wallet app, and Samsung could bring equivalent features and more.

We could see Samsung's two new phones come with Android 13 pre-loaded, though that's not guaranteed - we might need to wait until the Galaxy S23 for phones to come with it already installed.

Either way, many Samsung phones will update to this new software, so it's worth paying attention if you have a recent mobile from the company.

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