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The best iPhone XS Max plans and prices in Australia

We all baulked when the price of iPhone X was revealed. So you would be forgiven if you thought that Apple may have learnt from the pricey handset’s lower-than-expected sales numbers and would offer a more competitive price for the 2018 handsets.

That, however, was apparently not to be – at least not when it comes to the new flagships. Both the iPhone XS and its larger iPhone XS Max sibling (that name's officially pronounced ‘iPhone ten-S Max’, according to Apple), carry price tags that will likely leave your jaw hanging. 

If you’ve landed on this page however, we're going to assume you have your heart set on the biggest, boldest and most expensive iPhone (and mainstream handset, for that matter) ever, starting at a hefty $1,799 in Australia.

More bang for your buck?

That high price tag does arguably get you a lot more phone, though. The iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen, the fastest processor and the best battery Apple has ever used in an iPhone – potentially making it the perfect upgrade for fans of Apple’s existing Plus-sized iPhones. 

The phenomenal 6.5-inch OLED display offers an immersive experience with movies and games and the new superfast A12 Bionic chip, dual SIM support, 12MP dual lens camera, and a battery that offers 90 minutes more juice than the iPhone X all add up to what looks like a winner.

iPhone XS Max plans

If you really want to splash out for the bigger and bolder iPhone XS Max but are strapped for cash, you'll obviously be considering signing up to get the handset on a plan with one of Australia’s major telcos. 

Along with our comparison tool further down the page, we've carefully selected some of the best plans available for the iPhone XS Max right now, whether you're after big data, budget options or overall value.

Best overall value – iPhone XS Max 256GB | 60GB data | $145 pm

The most well-balanced iPhone XS Max plan nets you the 256GB model of the handset along with 60GB of monthly data to use with Optus. You can downgrade to the 64GB version of the handset and only pay $135 per month, but we think the extra dosh is worth the bumped up storage. Total cost over 24 months is $3,480
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Best big data plan – iPhone XS Max 512GB | 200GB data | $180 pm

If you want to truly maximise your iPhone XS Max, then this plan with Optus nets you the most data from any supplier (200GB) and the largest storage version of the handset (512GB) for $180 per month. You'll also get unlimited international talk and text, 2GB of data roaming, and a 12 month Apple Music subscription. Total cost over 24 months is $4,320
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Best budget option – iPhone XS Max 64GB | 15GB data | $125 pm

While there are one or two plans that are technically cheaper, they're certainly not worth the 10 or so less gigabytes you'll be getting in data. This Telstra plan offers 15GB, which is impressive at this price, along with all the other sweet perks that come with the Telstra network – such as data-free streaming via Apple Music. Total cost over 24 months is $3,000
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