5G broadband for gaming - what are the benefits and why you might want to switch

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The battle for the best broadband deal has long been fought between broadband providers’ offerings of fibre, full fibre and gigabit connections, but this may be about to change. 5G broadband has, in recent years, seen a sharp rise in popularity which has seen many families choose to transition to this new form of 5G internet from their previous cable broadband setups thanks to its simplicity, cost and even speed. 

In the past, cable-less broadband had seen itself fall far short of the speeds seen from cable broadband connections, mainly due to a lack of access to a strong 5GHz network. However, thanks to the recent rise in 5G connectivity across the UK, mobile networks are beginning to offer 5G broadband contracts which not only help you save but even provide speeds strong enough to rival its fibre broadband counterparts and raise questions as to whether 5G broadband for gaming is now possible. 

What is 5G broadband?

5G broadband is a cable-less 5GHz broadband connection. It differs from your standard cable broadband connection as rather than your connection being provided via an FTTC or FTTP cable system using either copper or fibre optic cables, 5G broadband connections use only a router and a SIM card much like those you would use with your mobile phone. 

This means that rather than needing an engineer to come and set up your home broadband connection for you, you can simply plug in your 5G router, insert your SIM, and make use of your 5G broadband connection instantaneously.

What benefits might I see using 5G broadband for gaming?

Key benefits of 5G broadband for gaming

- Cheaper than many equivalent cable broadband connections

- Download speeds up to 265Mb/s 

- Low latencies

- Ability to improve connection by simply unplugging and moving the router

Using a 5G broadband connection is no different from using a fibre connection when it comes to the day-to-day, but ensuring your connection is right for you is where 5G broadband gaming shines since you have more control over your 5G internet connection than you could ever expect from a fibre connection.

Since the device is only plugged into the wall, if you are struggling for connection, you can simply move it to a better spot, no need for an engineer, moving cables or any of the usual hassle that comes with connection problems. And if you are looking to refine your connection, most 5G routers come with an easy-to-use app to help you find the best place in the house for your router, and refine settings to make sure you get the best connection when you need it most. This means no more slow loading into your online games, no lag spikes as you are about to complete a mission, and no more dropping out of group calls at the vital moment.

5G broadband is also a great way to help you save on your broadband connection, as you often have the ability to choose how much data you need per month and pick your contract accordingly, much like you would with your mobile, so you only need to pay for what you think you’ll use, making your contract cheaper and less wasteful, and if you need to add more in the future, you can, thanks to many providers offering options to increase your plan if need be.

Is 5G gaming better than fibre gaming?

5G gaming is fast becoming a great alternative to a fibre connection for gaming, this is thanks to the numerous advancements that 5G broadband has seen in recent years, for example, the average latency of a 5G broadband connection is now 32ms, which is more than good enough to provide a strong and stable connection, maybe not as quick as some full-fibre or gigabit connections, but given 5G broadband is available for a fraction of the cost, it is a strong choice for those who need strong speeds but aren’t looking to be at the absolute pinnacle of connectivity. 

Looking to download the latest games? 5G broadband can offer download speeds of up to 265Mb/s, meaning you never need to wait to get your fix of the latest and best games of the year.

Where can I get the best 5G broadband for gaming?

5G broadband is fast becoming available across some of the best mobile networks in the UK, at the moment, however, the best 5G broadband for gaming can be found with Three.

Three have the UK’s fastest 5G network, offer 5G broadband contracts for between 1 and 24 months, and have a dedicated app to help you get the best 5G gaming experience possible. You can get a 5G home broadband contract with Three from as little as £20 per month with £0 upfront (or £25 per month, £0 upfront on a 1-month-rolling contract) and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your connection, making this one of the best 5G broadband deals currently available and a great choice for those looking to make 5G gaming a reality in their home.

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited data, 24 months, £20 per month, £0 upfront:

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited data, 24 months, £20 per month, £0 upfront: Get Three's 5G Home Broadband solution for only £20 per month. 

With download speeds up to 265Mb/s and latency as low as 34ms this offer gives you a strong connection without all the hassle of cable broadband, and Three's handy 5G Home Broadband app provides the perfect home for all the information you need about your 5G broadband router

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