MSI’s Cubi NUC wins sustainability recognition at Computex 2024

An MSI Cubi NUC mini PC at Computex 2024
(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

MSI's commitment to sustainability and innovation has won it awards at Computex 2024, with the MSI Cubi NUC 1MG and MSI Cubi NUC 13MQG series Mini PCs clinching two awards – the Computex 2024 Sustainable Tech Award and the Red Dot Award 2024.

These mini PCs were recognized for their compact design, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly packaging, including their construction using post-consumer recycled plastic materials and a recycled molded pulp tray packing design aimed at reducing waste.

The award-winning Cubi series isn't just environmentally friendly; it's also packed with features aimed at enhancing productivity. One standout feature is the exclusive Power Meter app, which supports a one-click power-saving button, as well as calculations for carbon emissions and energy costs.

Moreover, these mini PCs support up to four displays with Thunderbolt 4, offering users a lot of flexibility, especially from a mini PC. Another innovative feature, the MSI Power Link, allows the power button of select MSI monitors to turn on the Cubi NUC, providing added convenience, especially for users looking to mount it behind a monitor to create an ad hoc AIO PC.

But the eco-conscious design doesn't compromise on performance. The Cubi NUC series includes dual 2.5G LANs and DDR5 memory. The Cubi NUC supports up to an Intel Core i7-1365U with support for Intel vPro technology for enhanced security.

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