If you wanted a MacBook M4 at WWDC 2024, prepare to be disappointed – apparently Apple isn’t launching any new hardware

MacBook Pro 14-inch (M3, 2023)
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If you were hoping that Apple might have a big hardware revelation at WWDC 2024 in a week, well, it seems that isn’t the case.

Not according to well-known source of Apple chitchat, Mark Gurman (of Bloomberg) at any rate, who has packed a lot of rumors into his latest Power On newsletter, including this nugget about WWDC.

Gurman explained that: “There’s no hardware slated to be announced at WWDC, unless Apple unexpectedly previews a new device launching later.”

So, while that does leave a sliver of doubt, the leaker does add that regarding the possibility of a sneak preview of a future launch: “To be clear: I don’t expect that.”

Right now, it seems like there’ll be nothing in the way of hardware launches at the big conference which kicks off on June 10, a week today.

Analysis: No Macs – instead it’s all about AI?

Strictly speaking, WWDC is a developer conference and focused more on software, so it should be no great surprise that, well, Apple is indeed concentrating on software and not hardware launches here. But in recent times, Apple has been revealing shiny new Macs at WWDC, so that’s become the expectation to some extent (last year we got a new MacBook Air, plus Mac Studio and Mac Pro, for example; a few new Macs).

This time around, though, there’s no hardware dice, and Gurman further confirms that a refreshed Apple TV isn’t expected either.

There could be a surprise revelation yet, but there are certainly folks out there already disappointed by this rumor, who were hoping Apple was going to unveil some Mac hardware with the M4 chip inside (which recently debuted in the iPad Pro, of course). All eyes are now cast forward to later in the year, when we’ll probably get these Mac M4 revelations (in September or October perhaps).

What will be very likely to be a huge focus at WWDC is, of course, AI, and how that’s going to be pepping up the software side of Apple’s ecosystem left, right, and center, no doubt. Between that – AI certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – and the apparent lack of hardware, the anticipation around WWDC 2024 has gone rather flat, but we can’t judge Apple until we see what actually happens at the conference, naturally.

Via MacRumors

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