Sigma’s affordable wide-angle lens for Sony and Fujifilm fans is the smallest of its kind

Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 DC DN lens in the hand, outdoors, soft light
(Image credit: Sigma)

Sigma has announced the world’s smallest and lightest f/2.8 zoom lens for APS-C cameras, and it looks like an excellent option for Sony and Fujifilm shooters. 

The Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 DC DN is available at launch in Sony, Fujifilm and L-mount versions (the latter is supported by Sigma, Panasonic and Leica), and weighs just 9.2oz / 260g. 

At 2.8 inches / 72.2mm in length, it’s a tiny thing, too and a perfect fit for cameras like the Sony A6700 and Sony FX30, and X-series cameras like the Fujifilm X-T5. Impressively, it’s a near size-match for Sony’s own 10-18mm F4 lens, while giving an extra stop of light. 

This is now the widest-angle Sigma APS-C lens, with a full-frame equivalent focal length of 15-27mm – a super-versatile perspective, especially for 16:9 video with its top and bottom crop of the frame. It’s also a must-have lens in the kit bag for most landscape photographers. 

The 10-18mm lens compliments the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC DN, and together the APS-C pair cover off an equivalent 15-75mm focal length with a constant f/2.8 aperture, at a combined weight of just 550g. Full-frame versions of these lenses are much larger and heavier by comparison – Sigma is showing us a real benefit of APS-C. 

Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 DC DN price and availability

The Sigma 10-18mm f/2.8 DC DN is available from October 26 in Sony E-mount, Fujifilm X Mount and L-Mount variations priced at $599 / £599 (Australia price TBC). It's supplied with a push-on petal-type hood, plus the usual front and rear lens caps. 

What’s even better is that the Sigma 10-18mm’s $600 / £600 list price is a relative snip when compared to proprietary lenses from Sony and Fujifilm. 

That lower price point isn’t a reflection of the lens’ build quality either; it’s dust and splash resistant, with a rubber seal to prevent water and dust ingress.

Sigma says the lens boasts ultra-sharp optics, including a unique aspherical element that reduces the overall lens size, plus a newly designed ‘push-on’ petal type hood. Its 11.6cm minimum focus distance gives a maximum 1:4 magnification, so it’s also a versatile lens for close up photography.

Add the two f/2.8 zooms to Sigma’s quadruplet of f/1.4 primes lenses (16mm, 23mm 30mm and 56mm), and Sigma really is lavishing high-quality optics on the APS-C format. The 10-18mm could be one of the best Sony lenses for APS-C, and one of Sigma's best-sellers yet.

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