This is the world's first Wi-Fi coverage guarantee, says BT

bt plus

BT has made the bold claim that its BT Plus Wi-Fi will guarantee complete coverage of the home. That means wall-to-wall coverage in every room of your home. And, on top of that, in an average four bed home BT claims it will be 25% faster, too. 

The guaranteed connected setup uses a BT Smart Hub 2 combined with Wi-Fi Discs, which can be placed about the home to boost signal. While the main hub sports an impressive seven antenna, the Discs also have four that each work with 2.5GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi for the best consistent high-speed connection. 

Thanks to smart channel selection, all your devices can connect automatically to the best Wi-Fi channel where you are, for the fastest and most stable connection - so says BT.

We're told that the system is so smart that'll it'll keep scanning the setup to make sure the network connection is at its best performance. If it's not, then the system automatically restarts itself for you. So say goodbye to turning the router off and on again as this will do it for you. 

There are a selection of options for you to choose from when it comes to BT broadband. We've rounded up the very best and laid out your options in this best BT broadband deal guide for you to enjoy. 

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