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Corsair Dominator DDR2 1,066MHz review

Attractively priced, but does the performance match?

Cheaper than ever before, but is it worth it?

Our Verdict

Despite the lowered price, this still doesn't give the performance it should


  • Fair price
  • Some good features


  • Not as powerful as we'd hoped

It's a sign of just how far prices for DDR2 have fallen that Corsair's once prohibitively priced Dominator RAM is available for less than £100.

Given the overclocking potential of Core 2 and Phenom chips, though, there's a convincing argument for stretching to buy the famous DHX heatspreader.

Disappointing performance

Unfortunately, we ran into problems with the Dominator from the off.

Even without the FSB cranked up for a comparable test platform to the 4GB kits, we couldn't hit the quoted 1,066MHz speeds at 5-5-5-15. The best we could manage was 900MHz.

Even if this was just a curiosity of our mobo, the main conclusion stands: four gigabytes of slower RAM outperforms two gigabytes of performance stuff like this in all our practical tests.