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iPod/iTunes 'monopoly' tie-in 'illegal'?

Apple's tie-in between the iPod and iTunes is 'monopolistic', says an angry Florida man

Apple is being sued for the 'monopolistic' tie-in between the iTunes Store and Apple iPods.

A Florida resident, Frederick Black, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of all Apple iPod owners and iTunes Store customers in the state, Apple Insider reports.

iTunes: unreasonable and illegal

The lawsuit claims that Apple has unlawfully tied the Apple iPod to its iTunes Store. It states that making iTunes content available on Apple iPods only is "unreasonable and illegal under Florida's antitrust and unfair trade laws".

Black is complaining that Apple refuses to license its Fairplay DRM technology to other parties. Apple's monopoly is such that the iPod can't integrate with, or download content from, other rival online stores.

The document also stated that due to Apple's lack of support for other formats, it was "in possession of monopoly power in the portable digital media player market, the online music market and the online video market".

The case continues.