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Here's the Amazon phone we want to see

Amazon Phone concept
Better than the real thing, probably

Is Amazon eyeing up the smartphone game? With its Kindle range making a big splash in the tablet and e-reader markets and its huge catalogue of online content, a venture into the smartphone fray would be the next logical step for the world's largest online retailer.

In fact, we're almost certain it is. If recent leaks and industry whisperings are to be believed, Amazon already has a prototype up and running and it's packing some rather interesting features.

An absurd-sounding five (count it – five) cameras are thought to adorn the front of the Amazon phone, the belief being that they're there to introduce advanced 3D gestures and motion tracking capabilities.

Sadly, the design we've glimpsed leaves a lot to be desired, and we think there's untapped potential for Amazon to make its phone a unique offering in the overcrowded and often same-y market.

Here's TechRadar's own vision - take note, Amazon.