The best iPhone 8 plans and prices in Australia compared


Although the iPhone XS and iPhone XR have stolen the spotlight for now, those that don't necessarily have a desire for a huge screen, a notch, or a glaring void in their wallets will likely be chasing the iPhone 8. Of course, there's always its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus if you happen to fall in the middle of those two categories.

On this page, we've dug deep into all the networks and carriers and compared them to shreds, providing you with the best possible value, the biggest data, and the cheapest plans you can get bundled with your new Apple handset.

If you're not too sure if this is indeed the handset for you, you can check out our iPhone 8 review for the full lowdown. Otherwise, read on for our top picks from all the carriers.

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The best iPhone 8 plans

Optus is currently being super competitive with its iPhone 8 plans and is easily dominating every sphere. Vodafone is close to being as affordable as Optus, but doesn't quite get there for value. 

If you're deadset on going with Telstra, then there are still options for you, but it could cost you almost twice as much for the same provisions in some cases. As such, we've stuck with Optus' offerings on this front. There also appears to be no stock of the larger 256GB model of iPhone 8 available from any telco.

Best overall value – iPhone 8 64GB | 50GB data | Unlimited international talk and text | $97 pm

This is comfortably the best deal going on the iPhone 8 right now, netting you a whopping 50GB of data. You'll also get unlimited international talk and text, and Optus regular host of inclusions. Total cost over 24 months is $2,040
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Best budget option – iPhone 8 64GB | 20GB data | Music streaming | $75 pm

While there's technically a cheaper plan at $70 a month, for the extra $5, you'll get another 16GB of data (definitely worth it in our opinion). If you're not all that data hungry, then check out the $70 pm plan from Optus with 4GB data. Total cost over 24 months is $1,800
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Best big data plan – iPhone 8 64GB | 200GB data | Unlimited international and roaming calls | $106.25 pm

With the continuing reign of the 200GB data plan from Optus, you can score a whole heap of value on your iPhone 8 for only $106.25 a month. You'll also get 4GB of roaming data (or you can save $1.25 each month and only get 2GB roaming data) and unlimited international calls and texts if you fancy yourself some travelling. Total cost over 24 months is $2,550
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