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First 3G iPod shuffle extra adds USB plug

iPod shuffle
The new iPod shuffle is sure to attract scores of add-ons

The redesigned iPod shuffle that Apple revealed this week has already divided opinions thanks to its button-free face and cable controllers, but at least it's sure to keep the accessory market thriving.

The first add-on for the 3G shuffle we've seen comes from a Chinese firm named Dexim and it performs the simple trick of adding a USB connector directly to the player for charging and file transfer.

Snap on

For $9.90 (£7) the Shu-Lip snaps onto the top of the shuffle and sinks a connector into the headphone port that leads in turn to a male USB plug at the other end.

Although it may sound rather simple, the point of the Shu-Lip is to cut out the need to connect a cable to the player, then to a PC.

Half a dozen of the other

Instead, all you have to do is connect the dongle to the shuffle, then stick the whole lot in the PC. Six of one, if you ask us...