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The cheapest iPhone unlocked SIM-free prices in February 2019

On the search for a new iPhone? We don't blame you, Apple has some of the very best devices out there but they just so happen to also be some of the most expensive. From the iPhone 8 to the XS Max there are some hefty price tags out there and that's why our SIM-free price comparison is the best way to bag yourself the most affordable unlocked iPhone.

Apple iPhone - a brief history

iPhone XR - October 2018, 6.1-inch, from 64GB storage

iPhone XS Max - September 2018, 6.5-inch, from 64GB storage

iPhone XS - September 2018, 5.8-inch, from 64GB storage

iPhone X - September 2017, 5.8-inch, from 64GB storage

iPhone 8 - September 2017, 4.7-inch, from 64GB storage

iPhone 7 - September 2016, 4.7-inch, from 32GB storage

iPhone SE - March 2016, 4.0-inch, from 16GB storage

iPhone 6S - September 2015, 4.7-inch, from 16GB storage

So what iPhone are you looking for? Do you want the biggest and best like the iPhone XR or XS Max or maybe you want something a bit more affordable, maybe the iPhone SE or 6S? No matter which Apple device you are after you will find it here with all of the best SIM-free prices.

Whether you're replacing an old phone or just want something a bit new we've done the hard work for you. We've scoured the deep dark depths of the internet and found all of the very best prices from the likes of Amazon, ebay and all of the major retailers and compiled them in our custom-made price comparison chart below so take a scroll and see what device wins your heart.

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Today's cheapest unlocked iPhone unlocked SIM-free prices:

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