Prime Day deal makes the Fujifilm X-T100 one of the cheapest mirrorless cameras around

Image credit: Fujifilm (Image credit: Fujifilm)

Amazon Prime Day has already given us some spankingly good deals on mid-range mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, but if you're after an entry-level option with some extra panache, the Fujifilm X-T100 is where you should be looking.

You can grab the X-T100 body with a 15-45mm kit lens for just £419.99 right now on Amazon, in any of its three colour options. Not in the UK? Scroll down to get the best deals on the X-T100 wherever you are.

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Fujifilm's X-series bodies have enthusiast photographer written all over them, and the most popular models tend to command four-figure prices. So it's rare, but very welcome, to find such style made available at a more junior level, proving you don't need to be flush to afford a camera that looks great and performs brilliantly.

But the X-T100 isn't just about its good looks; it also arrives with a number of technologies from its high-end siblings, including Film Simulation modes that give images the look and feel of Fujifilm's classic film emulsions. You also get a touchscreen, 4K video and wireless connectivity, and even an electronic viewfinder (EVF) – not something we often see on a mirrorless camera this cheap.

Fuji X-T100 and 15-45mm lens (Black) | 

Fuji X-T100 and 15-45mm lens (Black) | £547 £429 at Amazon
The X-T100 provides first-time users with everything they need to get great shots in a compact and stylish form, including Fujifilm's gorgeous Film Simulation modes and a lovely EVF for user-friendly image composition.

Fuji X-T100 and 15-45mm lens (Silver) | 

Fuji X-T100 and 15-45mm lens (Silver) | £549 £429 at Amazon
Exactly the same above but in the Dark Silver finish, which resembles the very sexy Graphite version of the mid-range X-T2 camera. Our personal favourite of the trio.

Fuji X-T100 and lens (Champagne Gold) | 

Fuji X-T100 and lens (Champagne Gold) | £549 £429 at Amazon
If you want to celebrate bagging such a sweet deal in style, why not splash out on the Champagne Gold version instead? 

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