If you're anything like us, you already carry around some sort of storage device with you at all times, either as a flash drive or a portable hard drive. So why not carry something with a little bit of pizzazz to it?

Karim Rashid, who designs for clientele such as Alessi, Audi and Armani, designed Skwarim's cases. The pink or blue plastic cases have a USB connector that nicely tucks away when not in use; plug it in, and an activity light emanates from the case where the USB connector is located.

Using Xbench (free, www.xbench.com) to gauge the speed of the Skwarim drive, we found that both the 30GB (pink) and 60GB (blue) drives clocked in a decent speed of 10.5MB per second on both the Sequential Uncached Write and Sequential Uncached Read test.

LaCie also includes LaCie Backup, SilverKeeper and Silverlining to manage and synchronise the drive.

For basic file transport, the Skwarim drives work well and add a little bit of panache to your set-up. Roman Loyola