If you want to enjoy the benefits of an internal earbud without breaking the bank, the Griffin EarThumps are for you. At just over a tenner, these are very cheap, but don't let that put you off: there's nothing wrong with them at all.

The EarThumps produce a decent sound that outperforms your standard bundled buds, and bass performance is more than reasonable for an entry-level product. They won't raise any complaints from your average listener; you'll only feel like you're missing out if you're accustomed to using a pricier earphone.

Padded case

The EarThumps come with a padded case to prevent them from becoming hopelessly tangled when not in use, and three different sizes of bung so you're likely to get a good fit.

The bung of the EarThumps is a variety that doesn't make a complete air-tight seal against the ear canal, which means that they don't block out sound as effectively as they might. On the plus side, some people find sleeves that make a complete seal uncomfortable to use because they create a strange sensation upon insertion - not dissimilar to sticking your head underwater.

The teardrop design of the EarThumps is one of the most attractive that you'll fi nd, and they're also available in white if you're keen on the Apple styling. Most people aren't looking to spend much more than £13 on a set of earbuds, and Griffin has delivered a worthy product at this price point.

If you're looking for some buds that reduce background noise, produce improved sound quality and don't fall out easily, the EarThumps hit the mark. Tanya Combrinck