3D terrestrial spec gets DVB go ahead

DVB-3DTV approved, formal standardisation incoming

The reality of broadcasting 3D over terrestrial TV just moved closer, with the Digital Video Broadcasting standards body (DVB) approving the DVB-3DTV specification.

This is by no means the last step in approval, as it has to now go to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for formal standardisation, but it does mean that the UK is thinking seriously about its 3D future.

3D through terrestrial

The specification that has got the DVB's seal of approval is for both streaming 3D through an HDMI cable or straight from a built-in tuner and decoder.

The DVB is also sorting out the problem of subtitles over 3D in its spec.

For those who are all about quality control when it comes to watching 3D, you'll be a little irked to know that the 3D broadcast won't be in Full HD.

What the specification does confirm is that it is for 'frame compatible plano-stereoscopic' 3D, which is similar to how Sky currently uses for its Sky 3D channel.

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