DSLRs banned from London tourist attraction

But compact cameras OK

A historic tube station in Aldwych, which is a popular tourist destination, has banned the use of digital SLR cameras by visitors.

Now out of use, the station, which charges £20 for entry, has been used in a number of films and television programmes. A sign appeared outside the station reading "Due to their combination of high-quality sensor and high resolution, digital SLR cameras are unfortunately not permitted inside the station."

While many tourist destinations have a number of differing restrictions on photography, including not using flash or not taking photographs altogether, digital SLR cameras are not usually specifically banned from such places. Other areas, such as music venues have been known to ban DSLRs to prevent commercial photographers without a license or pemit from photographing acts.

Non DSLR cameras

The sign points out the "high quality sensor and high resolution" as the problem, but many non-DSLR cameras also feature such technology, including compact system cameras or the Fuji X100 which features an APS-C sized sensor in a compact body.

As the station is private property, the owners are free to make whichever restrictions they like, but it's likely many will worry about these kind of restrictions becoming more commonplace, especially as technology improves, and presumably has a negative impact on postcard sales.

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