Samsung Galaxy Note 4's three-sided display looking more likely

The old rumour resurfaces

Flexible screen

If the idea of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a three-sided screen sounds familiar, it's because it's popped up before. We were sceptical then but we're a tad less so now, as a new report claims that a three-sided Samsung screen has entered a trial production phase.

The report, from South Korean site ZDNet and spotted by G4Games, cites supply chain sources and claims that it will use a flexible Youm panel, but that Samsung's affiliates can only produce it in limited quantities. So if it makes it to market it will likely be in a limited edition handset, or possibly a version that only launches in South Korea.

So unfortunately we may never see it on these shores. The original report also doesn't mention the Galaxy Note 4, but with previous rumours pointing to such a display making it onto Samsung's phablet and with little else on the horizon it seems possible at least that there'll be a three-sided version, even if there's also a more conventional model.

Two very different Notes

We've also come across a rumour in the past saying that there'll be two versions of the Note 4, one of which would be curved and the other flat, so this adds up.

If there is a three-sided version it remains to be seen whether it will shake up the market or be little more than a gimmick like the Galaxy Round, but it has potential.

You could potentially swipe across one of the sides to unlock the phone for example, or have an extra row of buttons or icons along the edge - out of the way but accessible if you need them - so there are certainly some uses for it.

With Samsung likely unveiling the Note 4 at an event on September 3 we should know soon enough.