Fancy getting futuristic? Then good news, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is compatible with the Korean firm's Gear VR headset, allowing you to step into virtual reality without the need for a powerful computer.

Download the two Gear VR apps, make sure your Note 4 is fully charged (or plugged in), clip the handset into the headset and away you go!

While the Galaxy Note 4 has an impressive QHD Super AMOLED display, the resolution of the VR programme isn't anywhere near as high.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

That's because you're looking at the screen through two magnifying glasses, and while it can be a little off putting the experience is still impressive.

Samsung has its own store for content, oddly named Milk VR, but the selection is relatively slim for now as we wait for more developers to get on board.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

There are some fun games and experiences to be found, and you can even take a seat in a cinema to watch a movie. If the action isn't great on screen you can look around at the rows of empty seats, stare up at the ceiling and check no one is sneaking up behind you.

Unsurprisingly the Gear VR isn't free, it'll set you back $199 (about £126, AU$228), and that's on top of your already expensive Galaxy Note 4. Sure it's fun to have, but you really need to want it for it to be worth while.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review