It seems that mobile devices have been getting up to some serious mischief this week. First there was the man who left his phone at the scene of a burglary , leading directly to his conviction.

Then we heard about the Nationwide bank employee who lost a laptop which ultimately caused his bosses to be fined nearly £1 million. And now we hear about the Polish tourist who nearly threw himself over Niagra Falls to retrieve a phone he had dropped.

Waldek Kubicki, 29, clung onto an ice formation for nearly an hour before he was yanked to safety by police using ropes and a harness.

"I didn't realise how slick it was. I was just trying to pick up my phone, and I slid down," Kubicki told The Associated Press .

Kubicki said he slipped 200 feet down the slope and was very close to being swept over the falls to his death.