iPhone 6 deals: how to save big on the new iPhone this holiday season

Update: Cyber Monday is today, which means a few more iPhone 6 deals are available. We'll continue to monitor AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, plus Best Buy, Walmart and Target throughout the day.

Full steam ahead for Cyber Monday iPhone 6 deals and adios to those long-expired Black Friday sales. If you've waited this long for Apple's new smartphone, now is the time.

Cyber Monday is turning into more than just a single day - it's been transformed into a week-long sale thanks to US retailers who stage discounts right up three weeks before Christmas.

Best Buy, Walmart and Target are among the stores that discounted the iPhone 6 on Friday and quickly sold out of the phone. Even harder to find were iPhone 6 Plus deals.

That's why we put together a comprehensive Cyber Monday and Cyber Week list to give you a heads-up on the best iPhone 6 deals and cut down on your holiday shopping chaos.

iPhone 6 deals T-Mobile

T-Mobile is determined to get you to switch to its network, so the Un-carrier is throwing in a unique iPhone 6 sale for Apple's 64GB smartphone.

It's just $0 down for the iPhone 6 64GB model that typically carries a $100 premium. If you want to put no money down, you're typically stuck with the measly 16GB edition.

This T-Mobile-exclusive applies to all colors: gold, silver and space gray, and doesn't extend to the 128GB version of the iPhone 6 that's still $199 down.

iPhone 6 deals at Best Buy

Best Buy's Black Friday deal didn't last long and it's not cutting you any slack on Cyber Monday yet. It was $99 for the iPhone 6 16GB model if you turn in an old iPhone on Friday.

Now it's back to $199 for the smartphone and, as always, the electronics retailer requires a standard two-year contract on carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The iPhone 6 without a contract is also rather expensive at $699, which it calls a "replacement device," so either pluck down $199 or wait for last-minute holiday deals here.

iPhone 6 deals at Walmart

Walmart was offering the iPhone 6 for $179 with a $75 gift card, which was one of the better Black Friday. Sadly, it didn't last until Cyber Monday.

Worse, it's difficult to check the price and inventory from an online location. Walmart is old-school in that it requires you to call your local Walmart and walk into the store to buy a phone on contract.

While the gift card promotion theoretically brought the total iPhone 6 price down to $104 for Black Friday, don't expect to find that in the store.

iPhone 6 deals at Target

Black Friday iPhone 6 deals at Target made the most sense if you want anything other than the space-deprived 16GB model. It's offered discounts on all GB sizes.

When it was in sale, the iPhone 6 started at $180 and came with a $30 gift card. You essentially paid just $150 for the iPhone 6. That discount traveled all the way up to the bigger sizes.

But they too are gone. Instead, we're waiting on further Cyber Monday deals from the retailer. It did have the best last-minute iPad Air deals last here, so here's to hoping we'll more Apple discounts.

iPhone 6 deals at Sam's Club

Sam's Club, surprisingly, had a meaningful Black Friday iPhone 6 discount - it halved the price and didn't require a trade-in credit to make it happen.

The Walmart-owned US wholesaler is gave in-store shoppers a chance to buy the iPhone 6 for $99 for 16GB, $199 for 64GB and $299 for 128GB over the weekend.

Sam's Club, which requires a paid membership, actually started this deal before Black Friday and ended it right when Cyber Monday began.

iPhone 6 deals at Amazon

Amazon doesn't sell Apple's phone directly, but the online retailer is hosting a variety of deals from third-party sellers, all fighting to sell you an unlocked iPhone 6.

Yes, this is one of the best places to score an iPhone 6 without a contract, though please read the fine print as the condition can vary from seller to seller.

Also note that these prices technically aren't limited to Cyber Monday. It's just that, right now, the competition is the fiercest among iPhone merchants.

iPhone 6 deals at eBay

Even eBay is getting in on the Cyber Monday iPhone 6 deals.

Head over to the auction site now for a set deal on an unlocked 16GB iPhone 6 for $639.99 plus free shipping. It's a savings of only $10, but having it delivered to your abode for free is a nice perk.

iPhone 6 at the Apple Store

Apple once again ditched any sort of iPhone Black Friday discount in favor of bundling iTunes gift cards with its smartphones and other devices including select Macs.

In the case of the iPhone, it's a $50 gift card that's good toward the iTunes store - not even the Apple Store with all of the hardware that you so envy. Better deals are at Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

We'll continue to watch over the prices in order to surface the best iPhone 6 deals as Cyber Monday becomes Cyber Week with discounts from now until Christmas.