HTC One M8 Prime and its bulging camera get revolving render

You spin me right round

The HTC One M8 Prime leaks are coming thick and fast, and today we've been treated to a 360 degree revolving render.

It comes from everybody's favourite phone leakster, @evleaks, and doesn't give much away beyond the fact that the camera module now has an orange ring around it and protrudes from the back of the phone.

That suggests that new camera hardware is afoot, which means we may see an improved snapper over the original One M8's dual 4MP camera which we already think is pretty impressive.

Word is that the premium M8 will come with a 5.5-inch screen (as opposed to the M8's 5-inch display), a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, QHD display and a 3GB of RAM.

That's not to say we're convinced that the HTC One M8 Prime actually exists: mobile editor Gareth Beavis thinks a bigger, higher-res display would just pour water all over HTC's work to improve battery life.


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