Apple reveals 1 billion customers have entered its retail stores

Jobs and co keeping count

Apple has confirmed that more than one billion shoppers have passed the thresholds of its retail stores around the world, inadvertently making it clear that it has counted anybody and everybody that enters its shops.

The Rain Man-style admission means that every time you enter an Apple Shop, Apple knows about it.

Perhaps that's not altogether surprising; most shops probably do have tools in place to count footfall, but we wonder how many of those billion visitors are actually Apple customers.

Technological tourists

Whenever we've ventured into Apple Stores, they're always chock full of people using the free internet or taking incredibly unflattering pictures of themselves in PhotoBooth, with very few actually parting with any cash.

It's been 10 years since the first Apple shop opened in Washington DC, and Apple claims the secret to its retail success has been customer service:

"Service is the hallmark of every Apple Store and the response from customers has been overwhelming. We had over 1 million customers sign-up for our Personal Setup offering last quarter alone," said a spokesperson.

Yep, that and the free internet.

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