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Windows Movie Maker

Make impressive videos with this Windows Movie Maker download

When you download Windows Movie Maker, you can make video clips play in slow motion, make them sharper, add titles, edit cuts and more.

Video editing often sounds like hard work; something that you use with the words 'time-consuming' and 'pro'. But not every software package delivers Final Cut Pro complexity or bamboozles you with a UI that’s as friendly as a peckish Bengal tiger.

Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker download has proved popular precisely because it has simplicity on its side. You import a video clip, edit it, package it up with a pretty theme and you’re done. This free software is unashamedly a package for video editing amateurs, yet the results that you can get with it are often far from amateurish.

After you download Windows Movie Maker, every project starts with some raw content - import photos or video clips into Movie Maker’s Photo Gallery and simply tag/select the ones that you want to use. Videos can be trimmed and split into smaller clips, the footage either left to play out in real time, sped up or slowed down. 

The options here are basic, but there are enough to produce a decent-looking video, spliced together with still photos or other video clips, and finished off with a title and onscreen captions. You can also add a soundtrack to your content, trimming the audio so you only get the music you want and fading that music in/out where needed.

The Windows Movie Maker download also enables you to add a theme to your video, specifying transitions and screen wipes to give it a more professional look and feel as it plays. 

When you’re done, you can share your movie via social network channels such as Facebook and YouTube. Send a link to your movie in an email to family and friends, and show them just what you can do with Windows Movie Maker.

Needless to say,if you're an avid recorder of videos and import your clips into Windows, you can't go far wrong with the Windows Movie Maker software. The app is home to all the tools you need for fine-tuning your movie and editing good-looking cuts. The more you use it, the better you’ll get and the slicker your home movies will become.

Verdict: Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use application for making quick, professional-looking edits to your video clips. Start making the most of your home videos and photos and download Windows Movie Maker here.

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