We're big fans of the Gigaworks T20 speaker set, and very familiar with it, so it was amusing when the T40 arrived having sprouted an extra midrange cone on each speaker, like some kind of sonic mutant.

And, as with the T20, the midrange is definitely where this set excels. General sound quality is excellent and music sounds rich and warm.

Doesn't pack enough punch

Unfortunately, the T40's problems are twofold.

First, even at the knock-down price of £75, you could get yourself a reasonable 2.1 (or even an average 5.1) set-up, which would add the much-needed bass punch that's missing from this kit. If you're a gamer, you'll definitely be hankering for a bit more rumble to those CoD4 explosions.

Second, there's simply not that much of a noticeable difference in aural quality between this pair and its less deformed, and cheaper, older brother.

For those two reasons, while this is a formidable stereo set and arguably the best of the 2.0 bunch, it's difficult to recommend a purchase.