The X38 chip commands the price premium here, but Asus has tried to soften the blow by loading this board with more extras than Ben Hur.

Of course, since this is a DDR3 board, it's going to be tough to make any kind of value judgement out of it, but at least it shows willing.

Energy saver

One of the high points is an ASIC for controlling power consumption, which ASUS reckons can reduce watts drawn by 50%.

There's also a tiny IR remote - which is cool, until you remember other ASUS boards come with a fully fledged SideShow Bluetooth one.

Slightly more obscure are the overclocking features - one of which is a 'clock twister' and we have no idea at all as to what it does.

But the game scores prove that once DDR3 comes down in price it will be the memory chip of choice.