Apple teases next-generation of CarPlay, with Porsche and Aston Martin driving the charge

Apple CarPlay in Porsche and Aston Martin
(Image credit: Car and Driver)

Apple has revealed that it is working alongside select automotive manufacturers to usher in the next generation of its CarPlay in-car system and interface.

Partnering with Porsche and Aston Martin, the tech giant has released a series of early mock-up images to automotive-centric press that reveal brand-distinct versions of Apple’s infotainment system, with the Porsche and Aston Martin mock-up designs both offering a unique look and feel.

Where the current generation of CarPlay sees iPhone owners either plug in to an existing in-car entertainment system (or in some cases, pair with Bluetooth) and then interact with a single CarPlay menu screen, the next generation will take over much more of the vehicle's display real estate.

In both of the concept images, we can clearly see Apple's influence on the main infotainment screen, as well as digital displays that would typically take care of driving information, such as speed and vehicle data.

Porsche's mock-up sees a familiar CarPlay set-up in its middlemost display, but one that has been extended further to incorporate nav information in a separate box, as well as phone call information shrouded by the vehicle’s heating and ventilation controls.

Apple CarPlay in Porsche and Aston Martin

(Image credit: Car and Driver)

What’s more, Porsche’s optional front passenger display, which is currently available on Taycan, but is also coming to Panamera and the forthcoming Macan EV model, reveals weather, calendar , navigation and audio information.

Even the driver’s display is taken care of by Apple in the mock-up imagery, with Porsche’s famous circular binnacles filled with speed and what appears to be battery status notifications, while the rightmost binnacle hosts Apple’s navigational information.

Aston Martin’s version features fewer displays, but Apple’s technology is no less integrated, with the global tech giant taking over the digital instrumentation (adding an audio tile between speedo and rev counter), while the infotainment screen offers a much neater Apple CarPlay arrangement than what's currently provided.

CarPlay takes centre stage

2024 Porsche Panamera Interior

(Image credit: Porsche)

These images show that Apple is working with a select number of manufacturers to create a truly bespoke, branded CarPlay experience for those car companies interested in building out the offering to their customers.

According to Car and Driver, Aston Martin says Apple's next-gen setup is compatible with its latest infotainment system that launches in 2024 in upcoming vehicles such as the DB12 coupe and DB12 Volante. Porsche hasn’t revealed a timeline.

But we already reported on Porsche’s push towards increased CarPlay functionality, with it being one of the only manufacturers to take advantage of Apple’s automotive toolkit and expand its usage beyond basic CarPlay iPhone screen mirroring.

Porsche already announced that its upcoming Cayenne, Macan and Panamera would support a version of CarPlay that allowed drivers to access vehicle functionality, such as adjusting the radio and viewing vehicle information, without leaving the CarPlay ecosystem.

2024 Porsche Macan EV

(Image credit: Porsche)

The latest leak appears to show that Porsche plans to take things even further in the near future by allowing Apple to effectively take over the entire infotainment experience.

This is despite Porsche revealing that is forthcoming Macan EV runs an Android-based operating system, dubbed Android Automotive. The move will offer owners of both Apple and Android products to make the most of their respective devices when driving, reducing the need to interact with a smartphone, which is illegal in most markets.

As Car and Driver also pointed out, Porsche is part of the wider Volkswagen Group, which owns Skoda, Seat, VW, Audi and Bentley, while Aston Martin has ties with Lucid and Mercedes-Benz. So we imagine this extended use of CarPlay will eventually filter down into a number of other well-known automotive brands.

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