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Future tech: projection mobile phones

As mobile phones get increasingly powerful, it really is just a question of time before they replace the notebook computer altogether. Handsets like the iPhone and Nokia's N95 already feature Wi-Fi connectivity and full-blown web browsers.

One of the big drawbacks, however, is still the relatively small screens on mobile phones. Imagine huddling together to view a video clip, or view a presentation on a 3-inch screen. But now Italian designer Stefano Casanova has developed a Windows-based mobile phone that can project your phone's desktop display onto any flat surface.

Mini projector

The superlight mini-projector is integrated into the LCD screen on a phone. To activate it, you have to flip the screen down, Yanko Design reported.

It's definitely an interesting concept design - think of how great it would be to not have to lug a heavy notebook computer around. Instead you would have a built-in projection display in your mobile phone, and just hook up a keyboard and a mouse via Bluetooth when you need to do any serious typing.