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Doctor uses phone to cut off boy's arm

"Forget the last text, I meant cut the right arm"
"Forget the last text, I meant cut the right arm"

A surgeon undertaking volunteer work in the Democratic Republic of Congo became the saviour of a teenage boy this week.

Through the wonders of modern technology, the doctor managed to amputate the boy's gangrenous arm using instructions texted to him by a colleague in London.

Being a vascular surgeon, David Nott, the doctor in question, had not performed this type of procedure before, so looked to his associates at the at Chelsea and Westminster hospital for help. Luckily they obliged.

Step-by-step instructions

Speaking about the operation, Nott told the Guardian: "He was dying [and] had about two or three days to live.

"I texted [my colleague] and he texted back step-by-step instructions.

"Even then I had to think long and hard about whether it was right to leave a young boy with only one arm in the middle of this fighting.

"But in the end he would have died without it, so I took a deep breath and followed the instructions to the letter."

We are just thankful the doctor in question knew of someone to text, as even the likes of text messaging service AQA would have struggled with an answer to this predicament.