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The home phone is 130 years old

The trim phone is one of BT's most iconic home phones

The humble landline telephone is 130 years old. Never one to shirk its responsibility to promote unnecessary anniversaries, BT has devised a timeline that not only shows telephones past, but also present and future.

The section about the future of telephony showcases predictions from BT's admirably-bonkers futurologists around future phone design, and how phones will eventually be absorbed into clothes, bags, animals and even skin...

Called BT Time Traveller, the timeline recounts the tale of telephony from invention in 1876, to wartime luxury, before moving into the present day and onto mobile and internet telephony.

It's not just about the hardware either; the site covers topics such as the 1950s Friendly Telephone policy, and the first transatlantic transmission in 1915.

The site has been developed in conjunction with the BT Archives and BT's partner museums.