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Most time on smartphones spent playing games

Angry Birds
Why work when you have these crazy cats to hang out with?

If you're in the office now, look around you. The people you see looking at their smartphones are probably playing Temple Run.

This according to apps analytics firm Flurry which has posted some revealing stats breaking down how we use our phones. Looking at only US data, Flurry sees smartphones users spending 2 hours and 38 minutes a day on phones, with 32 percent of that time in games.

20 percent of the remaining time is spent using web browsers, and only 2 percent of the time in productivity apps. Shocked? Your boss is.

App usage stats

The only single app named in the data is Facebook, which accounts for a remarkable 18 percent of smartphone usage, or about 30 minutes a day for the average user. This dominates all other forms of social media which only account for 6 percent of the time in the research, as a collected figure of everything that isn't Facebook.

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