Samsung Galaxy S8 deals are disappearing fast - so what are the best alternatives?

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals
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There comes a time in every handset's life when the majority of major retailers slowly stop stocking it. Sadly, the most recent mobile phone to get hit with this fate just happens to be an old favourite of ours - the Samsung Galaxy S8.

While Samsung Galaxy S8 deals are still available to buy, the number of offers available has dropped drastically and prices have shot up. We're now seeing it displayed as out of stock with a number of major retailers.

So for Android fans who were hoping for their budget phone fix with this award winning device, what can you do instead? Well luckily, the market is full of excellent bargain alternatives. 

Everyone from Apple through to Google and Samsung has phones available that are similar to the Galaxy S8 in terms of both specs and price. We've listed our top five choices down below. Or if you just want to know all of the options available, no matter the price, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals.

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1. The next generation up - Samsung Galaxy S9 deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 | EE | £50 upfront | 4GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £26pm
When one phone drops off the market, move onto the next one. With such similar designs, going for a Samsung Galaxy S9 deal is like getting a beefed up S8 and for pretty much the same price tag. It's not the cheapest option on this list, but if you wanted the phone closest to the S8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the perfect choice for you.
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2. 2019 Android specs - Samsung Galaxy A70 deals

Samsung Galaxy A70 | £15 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 4GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £23pm
Samsung's latest 'A' series feels like the perfect replacement to the S8. The Galaxy A70 is cheaper, while pushing better specs and a gorgeous full-HD+ screen. At a price of just £23 a month this is one of the best prices you'll find on a device like this from 2019 and just so happens to be our favourite Samsung Galaxy A70 deal yet.

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3. Our favourite budget device - Huawei P Smart

Huawei P Smart | SIM-free | £129.99
The only SIM-free option on this list but with good reason. The Huawei P smart is by far our favourite budget device mainly because of that jaw-dropping price. Phones under £200 these days are rare, so the fact that Huawei P Smart deals are so cheap makes it a budget phone to look out for. Pair this with a cheap SIM only deal and you've got yourself an affordable phone plan to beat all others.
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4. Switch to the competition - iPhone on a budget

iPhone 7 | £65 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 4GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £20pm
From the notoriously expensive Apple, this is an absolutely brilliant price. Paying just £20 a month and an upfront cost of just £65 (thanks to our code 10OFF) this is the cheapest option on this list. This iPhone 7 even offers up a comforting 4GB data, an amount much higher than usual at this price point. 
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5. The budget camera phone - Google Pixel 3a deals

Google Pixel 3a | O2 | FREE upfront | 5GB 10GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £24pm
Out of all of the devices on this page, this is probably our favourite, purely thanks to its brilliant camera. Google took all of the qualities that stood out about its Pixel 3 device and dropped the price, removing some of the extra features. The result - high-end camera quality at a price of just £24 a month. This Google Pixel 3a contract is excellent.
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