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Sony Bravia iPod dock promises quality

Sony's iPod Dock connects Apple's player only to the high-end Bravia home-cinema systems.

Speaking of unusual iPod docks , Sony 's latest add-on to be released in the US this week is a costly unit that is designed for connecting the Apple player only to its high-end Bravia audio products.

The Sony Digital Media Port iPod Dock TDM-IP1 is available now for $100 (£50) and works with the iPod mini, both generations of nano and the two most recent iterations of the larger iPod, charging all as it goes.

It hooks up with any Bravia home-theatre system for channelling the player's tunes into the world through something a little more salubrious than the typical iPod speaker system. Given that full Bravia systems start at around £1,500, even a dock at this high price is unlikely to faze potential purchasers.