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Ofcom says yes to mobiles on planes

Hello? I'm on a plane!

Mobile phones could be used on planes after Ofcom gave its rubber stamp to proposals for airlines to offer Mobile Communications for Aircraft (MCA).

Although any plans to introduce systems that allow mobile phone usage on flights would still have to be ratified by air authorities like the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Ofcom has given its go-ahead.

Of course, there are many potential problems with allowing mobile phones aboard planes, aside from the oft-repeated suggestion that the signal could interfere with the plane’s electronics.

Air rage

Increased noise for passengers is a very real concern, with Ofcom admitting that comments on ‘air rage’ were passed on to the CAA.

“Some of the responses to the consultation also raised concerns about passenger welfare and the potential for discomfort, anti-social behaviour and 'air rage' on board,” read Ofcom’s statement.

“At an operational level, such considerations fall to the airlines and Ofcom notified the CAA of the non-confidential comments received during the consultation and passed comments on to them.”