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Video: How museums will look in the future

Video: How museums will look in the future
TechRadar Tests: NFC Technology

Near Field Communications, or NFC as it's more commonly known, is a technology few know that much about.

You might have used it to travel in London using an Oyster Card or have a smart pass at work that lets you into the building, but despite increasing numbers of phones packing NFC technology, not many people really know what it's for.

Thankfully, TechRadar has found a real life application at the Museum of London, where NFC tags have been deployed in partnership with Nokia to offer visitors insights and info on exhibits, quick access to social networking and NFC-only offers for the gift shop.

Just the beginning

It's early days with the technology at the moment - the tags mostly just offer simple links to the relevant websites - but Antony Robbins, head of communications at the Museum of London, gives some insight into how difficult it was integrating the next-gen tech into a building containing so many exhibits.

Check out our video of TechRadar's trip to the museum, armed with only a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Nokia C7; but we warn you, it contains no clipboards or colouring in (we know, we were as gutted as you are):