The best T-Mobile phones for April 2019

T-Mobile's best phones are the perfect complement to its plans. The carrier, often known as "The Un-carrier" for its frequent shifts away from the way other mobile carriers operate, has the  best unlimited data plan of the big four, and it has many of the best smartphones to go along with it.

If you want the best of the best, T-Mobile has the top of the line smartphones from Samsung and Apple on offer. If you're looking for more value- or budget-friendly options, the company has phones to fit. You can also dig back into older phones to get a good deal.

Since we've reviewed many of the best phones and plenty of the budget options as well, we know which of T-Mobile's phones are worth their price. We've gone through the phones the carrier has on sale, considered the deals it's currently offering, and picked out the best phones in a variety of categories to help you find the right one for you.

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T-Mobile phones

T-Mobile simple choice plans explained

The best T-Mobile phones: Explained

In order to rank T-Mobile's best phones, we've sifted through all that the carrier offers, comparing price tags and the value offered by each phone. As with all of our reviews, we disregarded any potential personal preferences/biases for specific operating systems like Android Pie and iOS 12

Also note that these phones can generally be purchased on an installment plan through T-Mobile, allowing you to spread out the cost over 24 or even 36 months. We'll include details on what the total amount is as well, so you know what you're really paying.

T-Mobile phones

t-mobile phones

How to choose the best T-Mobile phones for you

T-Mobile has phones ranging from a few dollars a month to over $30 a month, and depending on your credit and how you want to buy a phone, you could spend as much as $1,000 at once. With good credit, you can spread the full price of most phones out over multiple years, making the monthly bill more manageable. These installment plans require a T-Mobile plan though, so if you don't intend to stay with T-Mobile for 24 to 36 months, make sure your budget is ready to pay for the full price of the phone you choose. We've included phones at all price points to help you find one that will work. Let's dive in.

T-Mobile phones

The best T-Mobile phones for every budget:

Image Credit: TechRadar

Image Credit: TechRadar

Best of the best: Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10 Plus

Check out all Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus plans on T-Mobile starting from $31/month with $249 upfront, or $999 total

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is currently the phone to beat. It comes at a high price, but it's offering Samsung's new Infinity-O display, which has an amazing screen-to-body ratio with just a cutout in the display for the two-front facing cameras. Inside, it packs a Snapdragon 855 chipset for incredible performance, and it's three-sensor rear camera system can take stunning photos and video. T-Mobile is also offering $750 off when you purchase two.View Deal

T-Mobile phones

Best Apple Phone: iPhone XS Max

Check out all iPhone XS Max plans on T-Mobile starting from $31/month with $349 upfront, or $1,099 total

Apple’s phones don’t get better than the iPhone XS Max. Few phones can compete. It manages to pack a 6.5-inch OLED display in without simultaneously becoming the biggest iPhone ever. It’s similar in size to an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus while offering a lot more screen space. It also offers blistering fast performance from the A12 Bionic chipset, and the front and rear cameras offer some of the best smartphone photography around. While this is also Apple’s priciest smartphone (besides special releases), new customers with a trade-in can get up to $300 off.View Deal

T-Mobile phones

The previous best Apple phone: iPhone 8

See all iPhone 8 plans from T-Mobile starting at $25/month with $0 up front, or $599 retail

The iPhone 8 may be a bit older, but that helps make it affordable. So, if you’re just in the market for a smartphone that’s highly competent, comes at a good price, and won’t go stale too quickly, the iPhone 8 makes for a good pick. Apple supports its phones for years, and the iPhone 8 has plenty of life left in it, as does the A11 Bionic chipset powering it. The camera is still a contender, and this model is the last to include a fingerprint scanner. While it’s already leaning toward affordable, T-Mobile helps out with up to $300 off for customers with a trade-in and new line.View Deal

Best value phone: OnePlus 6T

Check out the OnePlus 6T from T-Mobile starting from $22/month, or $550 total

T-Mobile is the only carrier directly offering the OnePlus 6T. If you haven’t heard of OnePlus, now’s the time. It’s one of the best-value smartphone makers around, offering serious performance and design in a smartphone that costs hundreds less than the competition. The OnePlus 6T offers up a Snapdragon 845 chipset with up to 8GB of RAM, a 6.41-inch AMOLED display with only a tiny notch for the front-facing camera, and a fingerprint scanner that’s hidden under the screen glass. All that, and it retails for $550 at T-Mobile, which is cut down to $22.92 over 24 months.View Deal

T-Mobile phones

Best cheap phone: Moto E5 Play

Check out all Moto E5 Play plans on T-Mobile starting from $6/month with $0 upfront, or $150 total

You don't have to spend much if you just want a simple smartphone that can browse the web, handle calls and texts, stream video in HD, and snap the occasional photo. The Moto E5 Play offers up a simple, no-fuss smartphone with a clean Android experience, so it can run smoothly through most basic tasks. And, at just $6 per month (or $5 per month for new lines), it's not going to hurt too many budgets.View Deal

T-Mobile phones

Get the best T-Mobile plan

Getting the best smartphone is only half the battle. Once you've figured out which of T-Mobile's smartphones is the best choice for you, head on over to our guide to find the best T-Mobile plan.