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RIM and Dolby settle over patent infringements

RIM and Dolby settle over patent infringements
RIM, now partnering with Dolby

RIM and Dolby Laboratories have settled a lawsuit regarding the use of audio compression technology in its BlackBerry handsets and the PlayBook.

Dolby had originally filed a number of lawsuits against the handset manufacturer, seeking financial damages for use of its technology without a licence.

An agreement has now been put into place which means that the lawsuits have been dropped.

Compress to impress

The agreement means that RIM will now licence the technology from Dolby, something the audio company is more than pleased about.

"We are pleased to welcome RIM into Dolby's family of mobile technology licensees. We believe in and will continue to protect the value of our intellectual property," explained Andy Sherman, executive vice president and general counsel of Dolby.

The audio compression in question is HE ACC, which allows audio files to be compressed to 10 per cent of their original size without too much degradation in quality.

Via Reuters