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W880 Walkman phone aiming for best in class

The Sony Ericsson W880 is likely to be a tri-band GSM model

Sony Ericsson is well known for making some pretty sweet-looking phones that, until now, have promised more than they delivered, so it's encouraging to hear the first confirmed news of the firm's long-rumoured W880 uber-phone.

After weeks of leaked images and speculation, Sony Ericsson today coughed up the first official snaps of a Walkman-branded handset that has clearly inherited the good looks of its predecessors.

Other than the snaps, all that's known is that the W880 will launch sometime before the summer and that it will have onboard flash memory for music storage.

Given what has gone before, we can add a little guesswork on top of that - the W880 is likely to be a tri-band GSM model with UMTS, a 2-megapixel camera and a slot for a Memory Stick Micro to augment the likely 2GB of onboard flash. When it hits the UK look for it to go for around £150 with a contract. J Mark Lytle