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Periscope becomes Etch-a-Scope with new sketching feature

Periscope Sketching

Twitter has just announced that it is testing a new feature on Periscope that allows broadcasters to sketch as they stream.

In a Periscope stream of the beta test, which Twitter user Matt Navarra posted, we see a live broadcast in progress with the broadcaster being able to sketch basic line drawings via touch. The sketch is up for a few seconds before fading away, leaving the screen blank again as the broadcast continues.

The feature is only available to broadcasters for the moment, and not to viewers of the Periscope. We can only guess at what the most-drawn object would be if that were the case! (Hint: penises for days.)

A Twitter spokesperson told us, "We're testing Sketching with a small group of people. This feature makes it fun and easy for broadcasters to draw on the screen while broadcasting. Coming in a few weeks for everyone!"

So, expect to see your Periscopes to get a bit more interesting in just a few weeks. Speaking of, take a look at what social networks may look like in VR: